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Care Network International | Medical and health care non-profit organization KWA CARE

Soup Kitchen by Kwa CareAt KwaCare, our heart is to show people they are not forgotten or ignored, inspiring them to have hope and faith that their lives and communities can be changed. We strive to raise awareness regarding poverty and it’s relating issues, desiring to help people deal with this problem effectively.

The Vision of KwaCare is essentially two-fold; it is both short term and long term. In the short term, we want to meet the immediate needs of some of the most vulnerable people of our society. Generally, these needs are the result of resource deprivation. However, we also have a long term vision to tackle the causes of deprivation and to, ultimately, see poverty alleviated in our communities.

Our focus is on poverty alleviation through effective community outreach projects and programmes.  KwaCare places an emphasis on food security and formal education. 

We believe that physically, spiritually and psychologically healthy people are more inclined to actively participate in efforts to improve their everyday lives and communities and would become less willing to merely receive hand-outs.  Through this vision, we want to alleviate poverty and move people from a position of dependence to independence, developing their dignity and self-worth.

In turn, we want these people to reach out and help the other people living in their communities, thus fulfilling our greater vision of

“Help People, Help Themselves, Help Others”



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