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The Palm Tree Care Centre | Care centre for children affected by HIV/Aids non-profit organization THE PALM TREE CARE CENTRE

Sipho celebrating his 7th birthday at The Palm Tree Care Centre, a non-profit organization for children affected by HIV/Aids
Sipho* celebrating his 7th Birthday.


Ros Visagie has established the The Palm Tree Care Centre in KwaMakhutha, on the outskirts of Amanzimtoti, to take care of children affected by HIV Aids. Ros currently has 15 children in her full time care and she relies on donor funding in order to support these children.

Many of these children were rescued from dire circumstances as abandoned babies and are now thriving and doing well at school and on the sport field.

Sipho* (above), one of these children, were found unattended in a government hospital where he was literally left to die. At 11 and a half months he only weighed 4,2kilos and had the milestones of a 6 week old baby. He was literally starving. In addition to that, he had Aids and TB.

Ros took him in her care and with the help of donor funding, Sipho* underwent 4 operations in his first year to get his digestive system working which had closed down due to a complete lack of nutrition. Under Ros’s love and care, Sipho* developed into a loving, cheerful little boy who has recently turned seven.

They are planning on starting a safe care section for babies in the near future.

(*name has been changed to protect identity)


To provide a safe, secure environment for children from damaged backgrounds to develop into fully functional members of society. Having a stable home background as well as carefully structured tuition in which they will receive nurtured Christ-centred education. To provide the same family love, support, discipline, and comfort found in any conventional family. Children will be made aware of their ethnic birthright. At the Palm Tree Care Centre they believe that growth, responsibility and respect for self and others develop best in lives that are rooted in truth.


The Palm Tree Care Centre, a non-profit organization for children affected by HIV/Aids, renovated their home with the help of donor funding
Before (left) and after (right) renovations.

This last year saw many changes and new faces. Working with the local communities and organisations like Hospice, they were also able to provide assistance to families in dire need of assistance.

They received many volunteers from The Netherlands who have made a tremendous impact on the children by giving them the love and attention that is needed.

Their old house which was cracking badly was demolished and pre-fab buildings installed with a large roof in the centre with the help of donor funding and volunteers. This has made all their lives much easier.

The children that go to the local schools are doing well. Joshua achieved Gymnastics Colours for KZN three years in a row. He was also selected for an under 15 team soccer team at age 12. Simpiwe won the Flag Award amongst schools in Amazimtoti of which he takes great pride.

The children that are mentally challenged are taught at home by Ros and some volunteers with an adjustment to the curriculum to meet their needs and which will provide them with coping skills later in life when they leave the Palm Tree Care Centre.



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